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We design and setup office networking setup with a focus on reliability. Businesses Xentech to implement computer networking setups which can't afford to fail.

There is no network too big or too small for Xentech to design, we are experienced Network architects and a one stop shop for office networking. We provide the cabling, the hardware (routers, modems etc), design and installation of the network and ongoing support & maintenance.



Like most technology these days, video surveillance is going digital. We can offer a system that is easier to use, better video quality and cheaper on cabling costs. Our systems can also be remotely viewed from your phone or tablet when needed. If you ever need to add more cameras to the system, a license and camera is the only outlay required. Most systems will require more hardware to adapt.

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VOIP Systems

VOIP has been around for a while, popularised by services like Skype. But as a business using a solution like Skype isn't practical. What the market has been waiting for is a solution which works just like your traditional PABX powered phone network, but uses the internet to power your calls rather than a traditional telecom.

This solution is now available and Xentech has been rolling out the latest VOIP telephone networks to clients with great success.

All kinds of options are available, from standalone wireless VOIP phones to complete replacements for your traditional telephone system. We can even link multiple geographically separated offices together with an internal phone network.