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We supply and host custom company email & more with Google for work. A domain-based email address, like, makes you look more professional with customers and promotes your website and company. In fact, customers are 12 times more likely to use a company with a professional looking email address.

Professional grade business email.

Did you know that customers are 12x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address? With a memorable, domain-name based email address, you’ll be promoting your company with every email. You can even create additional email distribution lists - like or that deliver messages to your inbox or to a group of selected employees.

Works seamlessly across your devices.

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet. Always have all of you emails, contacts, and appointments at your fingertips. Gmail from Xentech email and calendar services also work with Outlook, Apple Mail, Android and iPhone. Never miss an appointment again!

More storage than ever.

You get a lot of important emails, we know. That’s why our email hosting solution has ever-expanding storage for your emails, contacts and shared calendars. This way, you will never have to delete emails, and you’ll always have room left for the next one.

Backed by names you know and trust.

With Gmail from Xentech, peace of mind is also included. Our email solution is backed by Google’s 99.9% uptime guarantee and our world-renowned support. You’ll feel confident knowing our expert team here at Xentech are powering your email.

If you would like to chat or get a free quote on business grade email hosting for your company by phone or email, contact us.

Why is Gmail for business is the "New Exchange Server" ?.

You are now able to replace that expensive, high-maintenance Microsoft Exchange server in your office - and some of your other expensive Microsoft software - with Google's Gmail for Business by Xentech!

Total Cost of Ownership

An organisation hosting a local exchange server will spend more money than an organization outsourcing the email services from Google. Costs involved with exchange server include:

  • The cost of purchasing a high end server to support the exchange server.
  • The cost of purchasing licenses from Microsoft. Licenses are offered according to the number of users, such licenses are usually very expensive.
  • The cost of hiring a highly trained professional to install, maintain, configure and run the complex Microsoft Exchange server. Such professionals are paid highly.
  • The cost of buying new servers after two or three years to take care of upgrading exchange from one version to another.

Gmail for Business is cheaper because all the costs outlined above are eliminated and the only cost involved is the cost of annual subscriptions.


Google’s Gmail is more user friendly and it can be accessed from anywhere provide you have internet connection. Although Microsoft Exchange offers the same functionality Gmail remote access is more user friendly compared to outlook web access or outlook anywhere.

Anyone who is familiar with a normal Gmail account will not need further training on how to use the company Gmail client access platform. Gmail provides full synchronisation for calendar, contacts, and email across all your devices, Android, iPhone and Windows without further licensing. In some cases Exchange requires extra Active Sync licenses to enable this functionality.

Downtime / Redundancy

Microsoft Exchange is more likely to develop issues associated with mail servers as compared to Gmail that has been configured by a team of highly qualified professionals and the redundancy has been taken care of at very high levels including cluster configurations across different countries in the world. In the unlikely case a Google mail server goes down your emails will be available from a different location without user knowledge, unlike a local hosted Microsoft Exchange set up where a user will not be able to access emails when the server is down.

Maintenance costs

A local Microsoft server will require maintenance in terms of hardware, while Gmail will not require any. Gmail is constantly updated for free, unlike Outlook and Microsoft Exchange whereby when updating you are required to purchase new licenses for both server and client, and for the Windows server itself. For example migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, Windows Server 2003 – Windows Server 2012, Outlook 2007 – Outlook 2012 will require you to buy three sets of new licenses.

User friendlessness

Gmail offers a comprehensive communications experience with a wide range of rich features as compared to Microsoft Outlook. The user interface is similar, whether you are in the office or at home. Outlook offers a different interface while in office you a have Microsoft Outlook client interface and while at outside office a different interface via the outlook web access, this has confused many users.


With Gmail your local backup is not required since your emails are hosted on the cloud, but with Microsoft Exchange a local backup of the email database is essential. If you are concerned about this you can regularly backup data from Google Apps using a number of third party tools, and Google provides a number of tools to download information too.

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